UCAS season is upon us yet again, and to make it worse the ridiculously early Oxford-and-Cambridge deadlines have just flown by us (15th October – three months before the other Universities). If you went through with it like many of us once did, then you’ll be very familiar with the ever-lasting writer’s block, the desperate attempts at cutting down characters and the incredible challenge of trying to let them know how wicked you are…while still somehow, managing to sound humble!

Reports published by Race for Opportunity shows that London Universities are far more diverse than Cambridge or Oxford University. Oxbridge is often stereotyped to be ‘elite’ and guilty of Marginalization and this is largely reflected in the fact that Black students are reported to make up between just 1-2% of the undergraduate intake at Oxford. Nonetheless, Oxbridge claim to be spending millions to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to apply but the lack of BAME students in Oxbridge leaves many feeling alienated hence why many BAME students don’t apply.

Coming from that same position, I was very hesitant to apply, but I can thankfully say that I took the bold step by applying, and I am now studying Law at the University of Oxford. After just a few weeks of being here, I’m already recognizing the greater need for representation.That is why myself and Vee (student at Oxford studying classical archeology and ancient history) have made a short guide for those who are interested in applying to Oxbridge this autumn via UCAS.

Our Guide: GETTING INTO OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE: TOP 10 TIPS FOR APPLYING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS7_GZ-eelE

It is easy to preconceive Oxbridge to be full of white, private schooled quasi-geniuses. But through being here, one is able to realize how accommodating both Universities act are. The only way we can effectively tackle the issues of diversity and representation is if there are as many BAME A-Level students as possible targeting Oxbridge. The worst that could happen come out of applying is that they say no. However, you cannot be offered a place if you do not apply, you can do it.

Every year many very able students, who would have had a serious chance, miss out simply because they dismiss Oxford and Cambridge as only for those from a different background. If you don’t apply, you will never know.

Don’t think twice. Just apply!


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