Game Review: NO MAN’s SKY


No Man’s Sky is the most anticipated game up to date. No Man’s Sky was revealed to the world back in 2013. In order to improve the game as eager fans had high expectations, the release date pushed forward. No Man’s Sky was later released as recently as August 9, 2016. The release of No Man’s Sky received both cold and warm reception from fans. If you like exploring and finding new things, traveling to space, naming each planets you come across [and there’s millions of them], and instruments to help you on your quest to finding the center of the Universe, then this game has your name written all over it. But then again, it leaves people wondering – what is the aim of the game? the plot? There is no plot to No Man’s Sky. A game strictly made to explore.  


Fans complained about the lack of a multiplayer feature as this was advertised during the announcement of the game. Developer Sean Murray said “the chances of finding another player is incredibly rare, and might never happen” yet two steam players somehow found themselves on the same planet and decided to go to the same spot to meet each other. Turns out they couldn’t see one another, even though they were both looking in the same direction. After the release of the game people felt disappointed, betrayed and lied to. Developer Sean went on to say “Two players finding each other on a stream in the first day – that has blown my mind.” 

If you enjoy exploring and being intrigued by what you might find, then No Man’s Sky is your grab. Personally I believe the game has potential and more could’ve been done with it. the addition of a slight plot could make it 10 times better or a better frame rate. Perhaps complete transparency and honesty with the fans in the future wouldn’t hurt nobody. With that being said.. 

Ratings: 6/10 

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