Suicide Squad was one of the most anticipated DC movie of 2016. A superhero film, Suicide Squad is based on the DC Comics. The Film was written and directed by David Ayer – the same guy that produced Training Day, Street Kings and many more.   

Suicide Squad takes place after Batman Vs Superman – another DC Movie. (SPOILER AL
) After the death of Superman, intelligence operative Amanda Walker assembles Task Force X, a team of dangerous criminals including Deadshot as the leader, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, EL Diablo, opportunistic Thief Captain Boomerang and many more. Each member also had a small bomb implanted in their neck, created to detonate if any should rebel or try to escape.  

One of the most talked about situation is how the character “The Joker”, one of the biggest comic characters in history, is presented. Personally I believe that this version of The Joker, played by the talented Jared Leto was spot on. Director, David Ayer went with a flashy, gangster Joker with tattoos. All these tattoos gave clues as to whether it could be the Jason Todd version of the Joker or just a new version of The Joker.   

the joker

Nevertheless, I believe that Suicide Squad stayed true to the Comics, even though the film felt like it was going on for a tad long, it had some hilarious moments here and there which kept the movie entertaining. Also, amazing acting by Margot Robbie, nailing the character Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Felt just like the comics, which is a great thing.  

Ratings – 8/10   



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