Talking about coming back with a bang! Do some of us remember the then teenage Gifty Louise Agyeman who last year we all witnessed take a brave step as she attempted the X-factor 2015 auditions? After pushing through a series of performances, She did better than most by making it to the boot camp stage of the highly competitive show. It was, however, evident that she was not pleased with the progress she made at the time as she became emotional and exited the stage in frustration when the bad news of her lack of entry into the next stage of the show – the judges’s house – was broken to her by Simon Cowell.

Her reaction to the news was filmed on camera and after being aired on the X-Factor on a Saturday night, it caused an uproar on “black twitter” (which is an informal term used to refer to the collective black young tweeters mainly based in the UK). A number of ‘tweeters’ (twitter users) took to their mobile or desktop devices, addressing Gifty’s reaction in a negative light, mainly ‘bantering’ her attempt to “graduate” from “black twitter”.

Gifty’s first attempt at stardom through the talent show was mocked by various users and the tweet that seemed to be the most popular included a video of her reaction and a caption stating “When you think you can graduate from black twitter”. This also included some background commentary by a twitter user on the video mockingly exclaiming “back to black twitter you go, she doesn’t want to return back to the TL!” as shown in the video below:


This tweet amongst others received a lot of reception, accumulating thousands of favourites and retweets. The responses to this tweet were also mostly members of the alleged ‘black twitter’ mocking Gifty’s failed attempt at stardom at the time:

img-20161008-wa0020-copyGifty’s ordeal was humorous to a lot of people the time, but what most don’t recognise is that failure is the first step to success and no matter how many times you are deprived of something, you never fail until you give up. Gifty Louise , as she’s popularly known , things seem to have changed drastically now as she took an even bolder step and reattempted the X factor 2016 audition process which has gone smoothly for miss Agyeman this time around as she has finally landed her place at the X factor 2016 Live shows! Forget 3rd time lucky, Gifty has proven that you can, in fact, be 2nd time lucky.

Some of the tweets seen regarding Gifty’s recent successes in going through each stage are now of members of the same so-called ‘black twitter’ who humoured at her previous failure are now congratulating her on how far she’s come in the competition. Talk of proving people wrong ey? And also doing so as glamorously as she as.

Gifty’s journey so far is nothing short of an inspiring one that we can all take a positive note from. She’s back and she’s better! And we wish her all the best as she moves ahead in the live shows. Never give up on your dreams, and do not let what people say affect your journey.




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