Dancehall, Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady – The Roots of music


Ahh yes – the roots of music. Initially inspired by US Jazz music in the 1940s, Jamaica began to plant the seeds of music which is still influential in this time – 2016. Very soon did artists such as Eric Dean’s Orchestra, Don Drummond and Tommy McCook become an international force to reckon with. “Yeah mon”. With Jamaica’s folk music styles, which primarily began as the music of slaves on the plantations easing the pain of those suffering. No one can ever doubt the power of music, the type of music which brings together all people as one.

After Jamaica made its mark in the music industry the development of sound systems. And yes it was here – the beginning of American R&B. My Boy Lollipop recorded by Mille Small, hit the top of the International charts, increasing the popularity of what was known as Ska music. Notting Hill Carnival – Europe’s largest street party is nothing new. In fact, back in the 1950’s DJ’s would load their vans with speakers and play music into the early hours of the morning.



From Rocksteady, the sound of the rude boy back in the 1950’s to dancehall’s universal presence with artists such as Vybz Cartel, Popcaan and Alkaline hitting the top of the charts. What’s the secret for such genres of music having a big influence in the world of music? Unique and new sounds is the secret. Creating something which has never been done before is the secret. Or as Alkaline would call it ‘The Formula.’ Big tune!

If anyone was to be named as a reggae superstar, it would be the one and only Bob Marley and his group, the Wailers. Lee Perry, their producer recognized their talent and in fact placed reggae and Jamaica on the world map as a symbol of rebellion and preaching the message of Rastafari. One could ask, how could one man have such a huge influence on the world? In the next article we are going to have a sneak peak into Bob Marley’s life and the magnificent legacy he left behind for the future generation.


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