Something great happened over the course of summer. “What was it?” I hear you ask.. Nothing other than the Grande Final of The Big Clash 2016, which took place at the Coronet in South London. According to The Big clash team “It was a great and successful event filled with quality, therefore its only right for the quality to be carried out into a visual product, the video will be filled with moments of banter and great entertainment”. There you have it poeple! Be expectant of BANTER, ENTERTAINMENT and QUALITY.

Behind the production of a great video production, there is a great media team. The media team was led by Stefano Bonku (Mr Bonkz) who is the awesome Media Manager of The Big Clash team and also happens to own his own media production company Double S Media.

The Media team consisted of many camera operators, who played a major role in greatly capturing the event and it’s safe to say that without these diligent individuals, the amazing quality of this production wouldn’t have been a reality.

The following team members were all majorly involved in the production of the video:

  • Stefano Bonku | Double S Media | @DoubleSMediaUK | @MrBonkz
  • Samson Falodun | Double S Media | @DoubleSMediaUK | @SammyShoots
  • Femi Richard | RichSpace | @FemRichP
  • Darren Lewis | @DSLewis
  • Bradley Panda | @Braaados
  • Stephen Asamoah | SJ Photography UK | @Realist_Jayy
  • Christie Waku | VBC | @ChezChriss
  • Alina Kay |
  • Amifel Cliff-Eribo | @MsEribo
  • Jevetta Boyce |

The People below were highly involved in delivering and capturing sound and also coordinating the lighting on The Big Clash stage.

  • Dennis Ammah | @DJ_DNA
  • Clifford Buertey
  • Ivan Oyik | @AYoungIvz

Photographing and capturing the vibrant and energetic atmosphere on the day, we had:

  • Ben AVD
  • Olu HD
  • Ajayi 360
  • Alex (A.O.K.O)
  • Emmanuel Ayoola
All graphic and visual effects for this production were created by:
  • Yinka Adeniyan | The Big Clash | Creative Director | @MrKookies

Presenting on the night were the talented @Tinymanmusic and @ShaynaTMarie. The hilarious hosting duo @PureYinkz and @Uncle_De did an awesome job of carrying the crowd along and maintaining the fun atmosphere. All these Individuals worked tirelessly to make sure that the quality and real atmosphere of the show was captured beautifully. We cannot wait for the Full video of The Big Clash 2016 to be released on Friday the 30th of September 2016 at 6PM! Meanwhile here is a preview:



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