Don’t get lost in the sauce..

"Does he only call you around meal times? particularly lunch or dinner.. Once you've fed him/washed his clothes/done his dishes, whatever the case may be.. Does he find a way to leave soon after?"


Don’t get lost in the sauce… I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by that or what sauce I’m referring to.. so let me explain.

When starting university, everything is new and exciting, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. There’s fine ass guys all over the place, “Free spirited” girls in abundance and alcohol for days, so its only natural to initially get caught up in the madness. But looking back at first and second year there are many fallen soldiers who fell prey to the “sauce”, got lost and got swept away.. but I want better for you freshers, I want you guys to love the sauce but be mindful of its power. Learn to use the sauce and not let the sauce use you… so here are a few helpful tips.


I’ll start with the first and in my opinion the most important tip… Learn your limits… They’ll be many crazy nights out in uni and it will probably take you a while to feel out what your limits are.. but try as hard as you can to discover them quickly before you get yourself a reputation as John the lightweight who’s always paralytic in the club or two shot Linda who’s always getting carried home.. because trust me, after maybe first or second week of university it’s no longer cute or funny its just cringe worthy! This applies especially to you males because, as a female let me tell you.. there is nothing less attractive than seeing a guy you’ve had your eye on throwing up on himself because he couldn’t hold his drink or acting a damn fool because he smoked too much.. So enjoy yourself, get “waved” just try not to “fall off” too much.


Secondly, Do not let yourself become some guy’s “uni wife”. Now ladies, please hear me when I say I’m not a feminist I don’t see anything wrong with a girl cooking for a guy WHEN SHE WANTS TO.  The same way I have no problem being taken on dates and letting him pay… but my point is, too many girls end up falling into this trap of thinking cooking and cleaning for one coconut headed boy two floors up the block will guarantee his love (and faithfulness) and trust me.. it won’t! So if you do want to be constantly cooking and cleaning for one guy (cringe) then do it knowing it is often a waste of your precious time and most likely a sure fire way to drown in the sauce!

P.s there is a difference between cooking for guys (or girls) when you feel like it and becoming the babe one guy uses whenever he’s hungry and doesn’t wanna cook or spend his own money on food. So, if you ever get to a stage where you aren’t sure if you’re his “Uni wife” (house help) then ask yourself the following questions… Does he only call you around meal times? particularly lunch or dinner.. Once you’ve fed him/washed his clothes/done his dishes, whatever the case may be.. Does he find a way to leave soon after?


My final point for today, is to always remember you have now entered what I like to call “The Uni Bubble”. After a while of being in university you are prone to forgetting that its not the real world and that this exciting and intense bubble you’re living in is not in fact what the real world is like!

An intense week at university can feel like a month has gone by because so many things can happen in such a short space of time. In a place where people don’t sleep, and there’s parties and social gatherings and lectures and the odd random spontaneous event, its easy to get overwhelmed! Therefore, whenever it all starts to get a bit too much, just take a step back and relax as most of the time, your situation is not as serious as it seems and it will almost certainly blow over. You may fall out with your friends, your girl/guy may be acting a fool, you may be finding lectures overwhelming.. but trust me it’s going to be okay. University will not kill you and the “bubble” will burst eventually and you’ll return to the real world. In the mean time, there’s always someone you can talk to, so don’t be afraid to reach out to people that care. be it your ACS team, the student hub, your personal tutor or a friend/family member.


So remember guys.. University is the sauce, taste it, enjoy it.. but don’t get lost in it!




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