I don’t know about you, but music is my daily fuel. Although I am sure you beautiful people must love music as much as I do. I mean, who doesn’t? I genuinely find it very difficult to imagine what life would be like without music. We cannot live without music.

Music helps to express our daily emotions and moods, without having to utter a word sometimes. Music takes us to a different place which cannot be explained and that is why most people create music to express themselves, this could be about a number of things including, personal experiences, romantic feelings, life in the “hood” and on the “roads” or even about vital topics that apply to this generation. From my observations, people tend to listen more when words are said over a beat with a rhythm.



Just imagine trying to talk about some of the content of some popular songs with your friends and family, they probably wouldn’t take you very seriously, not as seriously as they would take Drake anyway. People also tend to listen to artists that they feel they can relate to in one way or another.  You can get those artsist that just get you all up in your damn feelings, and thier music just makes you want to grab the next girl/guy you see and fall in love with them. They fully make you feel some type of way.

It’s just amazing how music has changed over the years and I can not lie the OG Mozart is a genius for inventing music back in 3500 BCE. – that is what you call real fucking art. How someone can create something so unique and captivating, is still beyond me. As a Afro-Caribbean especially, music is a part of our lives, our culture. Everyday we see talented black artists making waves and setting trends in the music industry and this is refreshing to see. Genres such as Afro beats, dance hall and bashment, Grime, Hip hop all see artists of Afro-Caribbean descent flourishing. Music can quite literally be made about anything and will be appreciated and listened to regardless. We are the new voice in this generation, when our words fail our music speak for us – that is how powerful it is.






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