As we all know, the current Mr & Miss Nigeria Uk have recently and rightfully been crowned during the Final show which took place at the Islington Assembly Hall in London on the 25th of September 2016. The glamorous stage was braced by a number of graceful finalists who all made the show the biggest and best of the live finals so far. Judging on the night were some accomplished and recognised Nigerians who are completely killing it in their various fields at the moment such as SMADE, Miss Dorcas Shola Fapson, Miss Eloise Dickens and Tobi Alabi.

The pair that emerged victorious out of the 14 final contestants are grabbing this amazing opportunity by the horn and making the absolute most of it! We had a chance to catch up with them recently in order to get to know them a bit better:

Miss Nigeria UK 2016:


Name, age and what part of Nigeria you are from?

“Hannah Adekemi Agboola and I am 22 years. I am from the Yoruba Tribe. Ekiti and Kwara states.” (Twitter: @OfficialactHana)

Why did you take part in the competition? 

Hannah – “The reason for taking part in this pageant is because Mr & Miss Nigeria UK has in the past allowed young winners and participants the opportunities to showcase their dream and ambitions whilst some have managed to see it through; creating a difference in their community.”

Describe your experience as a contestant.

Hannah – “This pageant consisted of hard work during the 9 weeks of pageant training which helped me maintain my hard work ethic to be consistent in all I do to only get better. Humility and perseverance have been embedded in my life through this journey as I am able to give my big personality in small doses for people to understand me as person not only holding the crown of Miss Nigeria UK.”

What has changed in general since you took part in the competition?

Hannah – “I don’t think anything has really changed as I am working harder than I usually work to ensure I achieve my dreams and deliver the things I plan to.”

What do you hope to achieve as the current crown holder?

Hannah – “I would like to do a performing arts show called “iCan”. I want to use this as a platform to boost the confidence of today’s lower income youth, creating ways for them to express themselves through dance, drama, and music without limitations. Lastly, as I am aspiring to be an actress; I will like to also branch out to work in the entertainment industry but also doing hosting/presenting. I currently have a YouTube page called ‘Hanging With Hannah’”


Mr Nigeria UK 2016:


Name, age and what part of Nigeria you are from?

“My name is Teedum Nke-ee, 22 years old and I am from the Ogoni tribe in Rivers State Nigeria.”  (Twitter: Donaccapella)

 Why did you take part in the competition?

Teedum – “The reason why I joined the competition was to put myself out into the Nigerian community in the diaspora. I have always wanted to be a known face and name in the Entertainment industry as this would give me platforms to affect my generation and environmental positively on a larger scale.”

Describe your experience as a contestant?

Teedum – “My experience as a contestant was amazing. I got to meet lovely people and the team wow! They are amazing and I felt warm being around them. It was tough as I had people I was looking forward to out shine but still be friends with. But it had to be done.”

What has changed in general since you took part in the competition?

Teedum – “Well, I have changed a lot in the sense that I now control how I reply to comments lol. I have also grown to be more mature and responsible for my actions.”

What do you hope to achieve as the current crown holder?

Teedum- “I am going back to Nigeria next month with high hopes to start my charity program. I hope to showcase a united Nigeria. I was to prove that me being from the south, I can also care for the north. And I hope the readers are willing to get in touch with me in any little ways they can help. Thank you very much.




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