It’s been over a month or so, since season 5 of the famous Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast hung up their boxing gloves ‘literally’, and returned back to normal life, without the added prying eyes of television cameras and the even larger viewing audience.

But here’s what’s funny. A month or so later and there’s still a few things I’m trying to get in my head. Now I’m sure many of you may be quite surprised that I manage to follow all of these reality tv series as quote “it’s not real life, it’s all amplified, it’s gives a virtual sense of reality”. And you know what, in the past I would have argued that point again and again but at times yes I can’t lie, it is fake. But it’s only someone pretty naive that will think that this is the daily activities, the daily drama’s that surround people constantly but for some it actually is.

The thing is with all these shows, Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball wives etc. For me, I find it entertaining, the one liners that I try and use, the cussing matches and fights are all things that interest me or at least help me to exercise my facial muscles to perform expressions that range from laughter to complete and utter shock or disgust. Having said that, I always look for lessons to draw from these all. Lesson areas ranging from friendships, relationships and potential marraiges as well as future career plans. The show essentially teaches us ‘What not to do or say’ in life.

Now, the tone of this post is about to change pretty quickly. I’m sure most of you are now up to date with the latest season and are eagerly anticipating the reunion which is bound to be juicy and the new season that is to follow.

BUT, I’ve been keeping myself updated on the activities of the cast members on these blog sites and it seems that the entire cast, yes, I said entire cast may be facing a ‘Chopping block’. This means all cast members have been issued with the boot suggesting a major, major shakeup is due to happen with the cast!


How do I feel about this? *sigh* For me, it’s like this. Yes, a lot of things that are said and done on the show are unnecessary but as a viewer from the beginning, I’ve followed the cast on this journey. From Mimi Faust and Stevie J’s infamous breakup, to the speculation surrounding Joseline and Stevie’s marraige, to the leak of Mimi’s sex tape or Young Joc’s football team of ‘baby mama’s’ and kids to the most recent events surrounding the King family. Now, I don’t know about you but I want to see this child Joseline and Stevie have ‘supposedly’ created, as during the last episode the Peurto Rican princess herself confirmed she was pregnant. Yes, I couldn’t believe it too! Not to talk of awaiting Scrapp DeLeon’s return from jail or seeing if Carly Redd will ever actually find a suitable guy for herself as well as seeing if K Michelle will actually go through with her cosmetic surgery plans.

I’m not one for unfinished business or these cliffhangers, but for now, it seems like it’s ‘Not so Love and Hip Hop’ but more ‘Everyone’s getting the chop’. Either way, I’m hopeful that the next season will be bigger and greater than the previous ones.
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