Styling for university(Uni) can be a bit of a mare, especially when other things come off more importance such as deadlines and assignments. Sticking by the latest trends has never been easy especially when we have Instagram right at our fingertips. But even that can be  a little hard to juggle, as there’s so many trends and looks designers just keep throwing at us. The Kanye boots, have been speculating social media this season and top the list of everyone’s staple wardrobe must have. People recreating and styling this look endlessly with different outfitS, you definitely can not go wrong.



The first look to help you all slay uni in style is this blue on blue denim outfit. A classic man’s shirt turned into off the shoulder edgy top, paired with a denim pencil skirt that has been seen worn by many such as the Kardashian clan and many bloggers this season. Keeping it minimal with accessories, pair the outfit with a simple watch such as the Rose Gold Michael Kors watch and a simple grey tote bag.



Styling this outfit around the most worn colour this season, Nude, this outfit keeps you looking trendy and feeling warm simultaneously. This choker knit has to be one of my top favourites to wear especially as Autumn has just begun. The nude knit put together with the metallic loafers gives a slight edge to this outfit. Exchange wearing heels and give your ankles a break by swapping your heels with Loafers instead. They are very smart yet casual and can pull off any look you throw at it. Paired together with the denim pencil skirt that’s a definite staple for your wardrobe!



Wearing a T-shirt as a dress has been an on going trend this season. Pair your Tee Dress with thigh high boots and a choker to collate your grunge look together. Top the look off with a leather studded bucket bag and your good to go!



Culottes are the new trousers/ skirt. Their full legged hem gives fun to an outfit without trying too much. Bralettes have become a thing and have been taken from lingerie attire to street wear. There’s a lot out there to pick from, but essentially for this look, this lace bralette works well in mixing different textures of black to avoid being dull! Vamp up your look by pairing both together, whilst keeping the accessories minimal once again, with just a watch and a clean Shopper bag(with faux fur pom pom) to hold your goods. Also keeping it very casual by wear Adidas most comfiest Stan Smith originals.

4. SPORTYsports-wear

Most of my uni I’ve seen kill this look one too many times. Not to say it doesn’t sell for how comfortable can you get??! This by far tops all the looks. With this outfit, you can go to class, lecture and socialise with friends after without having to worry whether you’re in check with your outfit. Spotting Adidas head-to-toe (except hoodie), this looks is as eclectic as it gets!


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