Tailored Study Playlist
Tailored Study Playlist

Ever find yourself struggling to focus your mind and write that essay you’ve been dreading? The blank piece of paper calling your name; deadline is approaching. Procrastination is a dangerous habit, but it’s not difficult to combat. Usually, after writing the first sentence, everything else afterwards flows. But how do you get that first sentence written down? How do you go 0-100 real quick? Tailor your study playlist.

Studying whilst listening to music is becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes it can be a useful tool to block out the background noise allowing you focus. In fact, music is proven to release dopamine, a pleasurable, rewarding experience which can relax an individual. However, playing music which is a distraction your mind can be even worse than studying whilst listening to the background noise. There is a method which can increase your concentration and focus. It takes self-control and willpower and if you can get this right, you’ll be finishing tasks quicker than… than you were doing before. that blank piece of paper we mentioned before… what blank piece of paper?

I don’t know about you but I have that ONE tune that gets me in mode. I think everyone does. I always play it, volume to the highest, right before doing some work. See the mistake would be to play your favourite tunes all through the time you are studying. Unless your favourite artist is Beethoven, it might be best to create a study playlist which can focus your mind.

The most famous theory linking music and cognitive performance is the ‘Mozart effect’, the popular idea that listening to Mozart makes you smarter. There are arguments to suggest that this theory is a myth, that classical music does not increase the intelligence of everyone as everyone is different. This is an important point. Everybody is different, there is rarely one solution which works for everyone – obviously. As shown in the diagram, even though only 25 people answered the survey, less than 15% of people who answered listen to classical music while studying. The key is to find the right playlist which calms your mind and focuses you on the task at hand. Preferably music without lyrics. If you have a Spotify subscription like myself, there are a wide variety of study playlists to choose from. I prefer the peaceful piano playlist for deep and difficult work. For moderate work, I like listening to hip hop instrumentals. Whichever works for you, find the right sounds to increase your abilities to work.


Next time, we are going to talk about the emasculation of music, particularly in the Hip-Hop Industry and rappers getting paid to wear dresses, oh yeah, we finna talk about this.



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