You’re Black and You Matter!

"Look in the mirror and recognise greatness." #BlackLiveMatter


This year we have witnessed an incredible amount of bravery germinate from communities of colour which in most times are silent/passive and hardly ever get the attention of the media. Why? Perhaps because they weren’t deemed worthy enough or just didn’t have enough representatives within such critical fields.

Well this year, things changed; drastically; and our counterparts are shaking!
2016 was and still is the year of a political awakening.

Ranging from black people having to fight for their rights as human beings [especially in United States of America] as Donald Trump and his racist entourage furthermore tarnish the name of a country that is… well… historically-not-so-great.
2016 was and still is the year of a political awakening; the year black people took a stand with each other, no matter the city, and collectively said enough is enough.

by: toyin odutola

The best part about all this, is that this has been the year where numerous strong, black women/girls have been rising above all negative stereotypes and being the forefront and backbones of most movements.
Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi; Courage, brains and beauty, we salute you for your inspiration. For demonstrating that always being that hospitable and welcoming race has its perks but when we are double crossed, enough is enough.

It is needless to mention the atrocious acts of the Police all over the world in this article as I’m sure one way or the other you must have come across several pieces of footage ranging from live killings, to white middle aged terrorists being set free from prison due to the privilege the colour of one’s skin can automatically brings them. Oh, not to mention the power thirsty government officials trying to take advantage of black people’s emotions in order to win their favour *cough* – Hilary – *cough* – Clin- never mind. It is needless to mention because then I’d be giving them the spotlight and such news definitely does not deserve that. So let’s continue to focus on the topic at hand shall we?

There are so many heroes that can be mentioned from each and every part of the globe that are constantly fighting for black people to have the freedom to breathe! To focus on the recent,  Zulaikha Patel for example [Feel free to look her up]. A champion in her own right.
To think that 13-15 year old girls living in Africa[South Africa] to be exact which should be a predominantly black country [because.. well duh?] have to fight and protest for their right to keep the magical features their creator blessed them with. Now this is absurd!
It’s quite shocking to see how colonialism runs deep not just within institutions but now within some people’s blood. The question this makes us ask ourselves is “what do our counterparts see in us that is so strong that they must suppress it?”.

Such news, though discouraging and heart breaking only proves how magical and great being black is. You are basically the foundation of everything and have the power and strength to do anything you want twice as better. You have the power a lot of people desire and if you cannot recognise at this point in time when will you?
Look in the mirror and recognise greatness.
2016 was and still is the year of the rising of the majority who have been forced to live under the minority label.

The tactic of planting insecurity to obtain power is something that easily conquers a weak mind.
Rise and become.



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