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1. Be unique and showcase your individuality!

I know it is very tempting to try and make yourself out to be the cliché, perfect, ‘do-no-wrong’, highly disciplined, perfectly punctual, overly organised, Fun hating, dream employee with perfect grades because that is what employers are looking for, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised as to how many employers are genuinely interested in what makes you unique, your quirks and what makes you as a person, stand out from the crowd. Feel free to show-case a bit of your personality in your CV, and the advisable section of your CV to do this is the ‘Hobbies and interest’ section! Is there something weird and wonderful – but appropriate 😉 that you truly enjoy doing in your spare time? Include this in your CV! As well as a kick-ass overall CV, this could truly make you stand out out from the rest of the boring, almost robotic sounding crowd. This could also be a great starting point for an interesting conversation whichwould make more comfortable in your interview!

2. Keep it as short as possible! – [I’m trying so hard to do that with this article too and I know. it’s hard!]

Assuming you are a current university student or a recent graduate, a 2 page maximum CV is what is expected of you. Any longer than that, then sorry to break it to you mate but you are most probably rambling on a bit. Keep it short, sweet and concise (Without missing out any KEY information of course). Employers only glance over your CV for an average of 30 seconds, they are here to find thier next collegaue and not to read a novel. After your first draft, give it a read through and any information that you think you can do without, you probably CAN do without!

3. Do not underestimate the advantages of a LinkedIn profile.

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile then wyd sis/bro? It doesn’t take a lot of time to sign up and update a Linkedin profile. If you dedicate about 30 minutes of undivided attention to creating/updating your LinkedIn profile, you could end up with a solid one in no time! You can find employers on this glorious site and even better – employers can find you too! It’s interesting to know that some recruitment companies could actually go as far as ruling you out during the recruitment process if you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile. Bit cheeky isn’t it? I know. So go sign up!

4. Tailor, tailor, tailor!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your paper-round job when you were 13 years old will not actually help you to get this Finance role in a corporate firm i’m afraid. All jokes aside, do make sure you have a thorough read through of the specs of the job you are applying to. Only include previous experience that are applicable and transferable to the role. It is also important to ensure that your experience is recent and preferably within the past five years.

5. There is nothing wrong with selling yourself!

You did not spend 3 months volunteering at the local charity for nothing! Any accomplishments that show you to be a self motivated, focused, diligent individual? Tell them! There is nothing wrong with some tasteful boasting about your accomplishments and if they are directly related to the role? Even better. Do be careful not to come across as arrogant, so it is advisable to use phrases like ‘confidently tackled’ and ‘successfully achieved’ etc…


Make these changes to your CV as soon as you can and watch yourself secure more jobs than you ever have! P.S I am speaking from experience 😉



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