Bob Marley and the vocalist Ska group known as “The Wailers” are eminent for transcending the cultural walls moving reggae from Kingston Trench town to become an international force to reckon with. Reggae music increased in popularity throughout several countries; paving a way for next generation reggae artists such as Buju Banton, Sizzla and Capleton.

Even in 2016, LVNDSCAPE & Boiler produced a remake of Bob Marley’s Iconic Is This Love tune released in 1978, on the album Kaya. A tropical sound combined with simple melodies nothing less than original and captivating. It would’ve been amazing to know what Bob Marley’s reaction to this remake would have been. Who knows? Nevertheless, even after nearly 40 years, after the release date of the original tune ‘Is This Love’, it is still being played on the largest international radio stations across the globe. Now that’s what you call legendary.

Me and my friend first heard this tune played through the speakers of our gym. First thoughts? Puzzled? Confused? Thieves! Who could blame us? It was easy to assume the song was plagiarised. However, after listening to it a second time, we loved it – very upbeat, positive vibes. In a nutshell, this tune is a banger! Radio friendly, original and has the potential to become a classic. However, it is very important to note that I still prefer the original version.

Based in Brazil, the official video brings a fresh, new modern feel which has been welcomed by a variety of cultures and countries across the globe. The video managed to distil the original messages from Bob Marley back in 1978, which offered something new to the modern audience very effectively.

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