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If you take this the wrong way… then boy.
Anyway, let’s start over.
Once you go black there no turning back, that is a fact, serve yourself in whichever way you would prefer.
Once you go black there’s no turning back because well, it should become your lifestyle especially as a black person. By this I mean once you begin to support movement such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ there is no use in stopping.


by: toyin odutola


Movements that support people labelled as a “minority” when in fact they are the core of the country’s economy, cannot simply be dropped after a few days of protesting. Rome wasn’t built in a day so why would you expect real change to take place in a few days?

This is just a form of encouragement to those who have one out their way to make a decision about their identity. If you have chosen to identify with the black community and support it in every way because they are also human, you cannot simply decide to stop one day and step back; a mother cannot decide to leave her baby on the side of the road and continue living her life because well, mother nature has her own way of turning this around.

It is your duty, dear soldier to support those you can just as you’d love to be supported because you will never know who your helper is going to turn out to be.
Yes there are many flaws within the black community when it comes to working with each other; especially our infamous ‘black-timing’ that I’m sure is world-known by now. However, we are worth it because everything we touch, look at, step on becomes alive. It turns to gold and I’m sure you can testify to this.

As 2016 approaches towards its end, it would be great to see that continuous theme of togetherness and support within all black communities, especially within the youth. There are too many stereotypes to fight that are distracting us from our goals. With unity, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Remember, once you go black you really can’t go back.
The experience is priceless and nothing else will ever compare.
I’m excited to see what my generation has to offer
I have faith in my generation
I have faith in you.



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